Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do you notice anything different?

We miraculously have another 30 days on the countdown clock, which we desperately needed. God is taking care of us. We can breathe again.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BIG Weekend for the Kuperus Homestead

Big things happened at the job site this weekend. Heating and plumbing got stubbed in, Walvac got stubbed in, (I guess we are going with the subcontractor who was already drilling holes when we showed up on Saturday morning - we initially told him we'd call when we were closer. I guess he assumed that meant he had the job), we got the entire house portion of the roof shingled, finished the plywood on the garage roof and had a massive clean up with multiple fires. Brickie comes tomorrow to start the fireplace and windows come on Wednesday. We might make our goal after all!
Me and Jeremy are both happy to be done with plywood. Once we finish shingles we're going to share a beer in celebration. Our backs can't take much more. Neither can my hands. Look at these things....
We even got some dirt excavated this weekend thanks to Drew.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wrestling with the Pex

1500 feet of red tubing, 54 sheets of foam, 930 zip strips, 6 very sore fingers and we're finally ready for cement.

This past week was a full one. I didn't have any time to update the blog because, HELLO, look....the countdown clock shows only 17 days!

The exterior pictures here are from a week ago. The front and west sides are now complete but I didn't get pictures because it is currently snowcovered and we pulled off the roof to get ready for the concrete.

Putting tubing down is definately a team effort. It's not very pliable and comes in rolls of 900 feet. It's not rubbery like garden hose, but a hard plastic that can twist itself into a spaghetti knot like nobody's business. I wish I had gotten a video of the Pex kicking Jeremy's butt.

A little sidestep to the ER Monday night warrented 9 stitches in Glenn's head after the framing nailer fell off the roof and clocked him, but good. This after I cut up my hand with Jer's hook blade while doing hip cap. We have to finish this house soon. Our bodies can't take much more.