Monday, November 15, 2010

Carpet Friday!!!

Taken from the top of the basement stairs looking into the kitchen/dining area. Still need cabinet doors and the kitchen sink is going in this week.

Just a different angle from the same spot.

Standing at the kitchen sink looking toward the basement stairs. (still need a railing-you can see the posts)

Fireplace on dining room side. This is an old hickory beam from brother Kal's barn. It has tons of character. Notice Drew's Lighning McQueen car in the notch. That's a little decorating tip from Tyler.

The entertainment center in the living room. The bottom portion will have cabinet doors.

Fireplace from living room side.
Standing at the back door looking past the lockers on the right into the laundry room. Everything still needs cabinet doors. We have the material, just not the time.
From the back door again, looking to the left of the laundry room into the kitchen/back hall.
Shot from the laundry room door looking into the kitchen.
Jeremy built this cabinet for me after I showed him a picture of it in the Pottery Barn Catalog. I'm looking for mis-matched, antique door knobs to go at the bottom for coat hooks.