Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer work

With the outside work now complete (thanks to Emily's grad party) work on the inside has resumed at a pretty good clip.

Here is our front porch with the "Touch of the North Ceiling" that we completed last weekend. Still have to finish up some trim work, but this is a good idea of what it will look like.

I had to lay it all out in the garage first, after polyurethane-ing it TWICE, so I could get a good pattern of blended wood species and colors. What a pain.

This was all the left over we had when we were finished. Cutting it a little too close if you ask me.

This is the coffered ceiling and shell of the entertainment center in the living room. We've actually had this material for almost 7 years. Finally, it's fulfilling it's intended purpose. (And the humongous pile of hardwood flooring chilling out and getting acclimated to the house, awaiting installation)

And the beginning of the shell of the kitchen cabinets, just done today. FINALLY! The end is in sight.